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Life is a miracle and in spite of difficulties, it never ceases to be a wonder

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, to be thankful for what we do have

What does this have to do with cheese?

Actually, nothing! ...but... if one is trying to produce the best quality cheese possible, it is essential to start with top-quality ingredients. This is a must. The purer and simpler these ingredients are, the less modified from their natural state they must be.

Gratitude is integral to the Monte Azul vision of responding to what nature provides us to live. In addition to providing an undoubtedly superior flavor, raw milk offers many benefits to the body. The benefits are extensive in the case of goat's milk, the most similar to human breast milk that exists in nature. Exquisite flavor, unmatched nutritional value, and purely natural... what more could you ask for from a food? This is why we at Monte Azul feel grateful.

Pure & simple

It is not a surprise, therefore, that in France there are only two factors that must be fulfilled before any other in determining the quality of a fine cheese:

  1. Fermier: the milk comes from a single farm

  2. Lait cru: the milk must be raw

Following a tradition that spans millennia, quality and handling controls at each step of the process ensure the best quality and safety for the consumer. You will be able to see for yourself the difference in the subtlety of flavors, texture, and aroma.

At Monte Azul we have established a company culture in which gratitude is integral to every step until it reaches your table.

Following is how our philosophy of Gratitude is applied directly to our work...


In obtaining the best quality raw material, gratitude for our fertile land drives us to look for suppliers that respect the Earth and put it into practice in their work. Likewise, our sole supplier of milk produces their own food concentrate with produce grown on their own farm, using the best quality of natural products for their crops. Good cheese starts from the feeding of the animals, and the animals must consume the best food.


Goats are living, intelligent and curious beings, and like other associates, they deserve our gratitude. We demonstrate Gratitude by giving them a decent life. They give us a lot and deserve our gratitude, they respond well to humane treatment and they are individuals with feelings.

Consequently, each of these little goats has its own name. It should also be said that these lovely girls do not live locked up in pens, but rather spend their days grazing as their ancestors evolved to live originally.

In this respect, Gratitude is returned with the best possible quality.


The most important person in our company is you, our client. We recognize that we depend directly on you to support our families, likewise, respect and gratitude are expressed through our products. It is manifested by providing you with a pure, natural, healthy product, and at a more competitive price than imported cheeses, and even of much higher quality.


In short, a cheese made with pure and whole milk from a single professional and family farm, full of nutrients and probiotics – all of which are lost with pasteurization – is only possible because of the love and care with which we work at Monte Azul.


At Monte Azul we work with optimism, effort, and united in our value of gratitude — the rudder that directs every aspect of our company, to offer you a product worthy of your table. You deserve it!

"Monte Azul is world class, following the great French tradition, but a Costa Rica soul"

Alain Taulere

Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs



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