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Modern Restaurant Kitchen
For the industry


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As restaurateurs, hoteliers, and artists

The passion, hard work, and stress of consistently delivering your best from the kitchen on a daily basis, are no different from a well-choreographed theatre production.


When we opened to the public in 2009, Monte Azul Hotel and Café Blue restaurant, captured international attention for our original concept that offers an experience that combines nature, art, design, and gastronomy. That same year, Monte Azul was recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels worldwide (Top 100).


Our products gained recognition among chefs, caterers, hoteliers, and consumers. Over time, the demand grew and we began to offer our products to other boutique and large commercial kitchens.



Select Products:


flash frozen single portions

Practical, economical, portion control

An assortment of fresh fruit conveniently packaged in single servings to save your business time and reduce waste.

Monte Azul sources fresh produce from independent small, family farmers.  We hand-cut the portions to the desired weight and volume, and immediately Flash Freeze these. This process involves rapid freezing at subzero temperatures which cause ice crystals to form at a very small size. This protects the plant cell membranes and results in a high-quality product that delivers fresh-picked flavor to all of your dishes.




Raw milk & probiotics

Buy local for better quality and price. Monte Azul has produced internationally acclaimed artisanal cheese and yogurt in Costa Rica since 2008.

Excellent cheese is impossible to fake. It can only be made from high-quality, raw, pure, and fresh milk, in the great French tradition. In Monte Azul, we are involved in the proper feeding and humanitarian care of the animals, to the milking and handling of the product throughout the process, until it is delivered to the store into your hands.


Charcuterie Board
Sauces & Fillings


Sweet, savory, hot & spicey

Monte Azul offers a selection of classic and modern products from our renowned kitchen for your business.

From traditional Caribbean sauce made from chiles panameños and natural coconut milk that will transport your customers to Cahuita, to Mexican fresh roasted and local, green tomatillo salsa, to a traditional pumpkin pie filling made with natural ingredients and fresh cream that would make any American grandmother proud, and a thick, guayaba, rum-infused barbeque sauce that will keep you customers coming back for more.



Cold cuts, cheese, fruit, nuts

Monte Azul offers various cold cuts to serve with bread, special dishes, and charcuterie platters for any occasion.


Contact us to design a specialized charcuterie board to your liking with fine national and imported cold cuts, assorted cheeses, fresh fruit, nuts, our home made pickles, fresh bread, and more.

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