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Costa Rica mountain resort
On the Road Less Travelled... Designed for Those Well Travelled
"if Costa Rica was a pioneer in ecotourism, Monte Azul may just redefine it."
-Condé Nast Traveler, HOT LIST
What's art got to do with it?
What to expect at Monte Azul?
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Fine Art at Monte Azul
Fine Art at Monte Azul
Things to do
Things to do
Wildlife at Monte Azul
Wildlife at Monte Azul
We Make it Simple
We Make it Simple
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Curator’s choice

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Monte Azul Overview

Food that’s fresh, simple and delicious

Your Personal Chefs

Our priority is to offer guests the best culinary experience in Costa Rica. By sourcing our products 100% locally we ensure quality and freshness. In fact, our cooks personally select at the market, guaranteeing that our daily menu offers only what is at its peak of ripeness.

Guests are surprised to learn that our talented young chefs were trained on the job, as they are also surprised to find this level of service and ambiance so off the beaten path. We customize our daily menu catered to your specific needs and tastes, so in addition to our fresh and locally raised meats, we offer gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diners creative and delicious options.

For complete information about our food please visit this link

Nature, Food & Art

“Comfort and Style”

Monte Azul partners, Randall Langendorfer and Carlos Rojas, conceived and developed an original destination in the mountains of Southern Costa Rica.

Eco-tourism is redefined with our stylish riverside “Casitas” and activities tailored to any type of traveler, particularly those who seek privacy. Monte Azul offers just 4 private Casitas on 100 acres along the Chirripó River in Southern Costa Rica.

Come and experience where art and nature come together, near the country’s highest point, Chirripó National Park. Only one hour from the beach, enjoy our perfect spring-like climate. In its short time, Monte Azul has achieved recognition from organizations like Condé Nast Traveler and TripAdvisor for elevating the standard for sustainability and style.

For complete information about our Casitas please visit this link

Enjoy the exuberance of the rainforest in privacy!

Wild & Diverse

Monte Azul’s 100 acre nature preserve is part of the largest undisturbed and virgin forest found in Central America. Monte Azul protects primary rainforest that connects directly to this massive uninterrupted area, extending well into Panama and also north. Boasting some of the best bird watching in Costa Rica, with over 241 documented bird species on site, as counted by Noel Ureña –renown birding guide– and Luis Sánchez –Director of the Southern Region of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAET). MA is host to a large number of mammals, butterflies, orchids, creeks, and a waterfall, all accessible on our private 4K of trails, literally steps from your Casita.

For complete information about our Nature Preserve please visit this link

Fine art in the jungle

“Art in the jungle”

At the heart of Monte Azul –which was originally conceived as an artist in residency program– is art and creativity. Monte Azul Contemporary Art (MACA) offers guests original fine art produced in our studio by artists from Costa Rica and abroad, which are available for sale. Every wall at Monte Azul is gallery space, including the Casitas, which feature a curated selection of original works. Guests also have an unexpected opportunity to live with and learn about contemporary Costa Rican art in our innovative gallery and studio with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Activities and Experiences

“It’s like nowhere else”

All our local activities are private, with hosts that are experts in their fields, so you get a complete insider’s view.

No other luxury hotel or vacation home offers the variety of activities on site or literally next door. At Monte Azul, in addition to all the great activities a quintessential Costa Rica vacation is known for, zip lining, white water rafting, kayaking, spa, yoga, etc., our unique location, off the beaten path, offers guests opportunities to experience an authentic Costa Rica. Learn about country life as well as Costa Rica’s vibrant art scene

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“Simple luxuries”

As part of our effort to offer clients the best quality experience, Monte Azul produces a surprising large number of natural and organic products and amenities on site. Enjoy our Quick Monkey organic coffee grown next to our rainforest, fresh cheeses such as chevre or Camembert, a variety of breads from challah to rustic Italian, handmade soaps made from all natural ingredients, desserts like dark chocolate lava cake, plus homemade ginger beer and more! Find out why many of our guests consider Monte Azul one of the best restaurants in Costa Rica.

Whats art got to do with it?

At the heart of Monte Azul is art, in its most specific, as well as general forms. Art can be the act of creation, of innovation and problem solving. By emulating the practice and craft of the artist in everything we do at Monte Azul, we allow ourselves to try new things, look for creative solutions, and to innovate.

Ultimately, our goal is to inspire our guests with excellent service, beautiful

surroundings and delicious meals, in an authentic and memorable experience.

What to expect at Monte Azul and FAQs

With only four Casitas we offer more of a guesthouse experience as opposed to a typical resort, with personalized service, fresh farm to table meals served in our outdoor restaurant, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. We take pride in offering an individualized experience tailored to your specific interests, from menus designed around your likes and preferences, to original activities designed to give you an insider’s experience of Costa Rica, always with our brand of one-on-one attention.

Monte Azul is located well off the beaten tourist path. A gravel road for the last 4.5 kilometers brings you to our 100 acre private nature preserve. The grounds include 1,200 meters of river front along the Chirripó Pacífico River, primary and secondary rainforest, recovering pastures, a waterfall and creeks, as well as abundant wildlife. At about 3,800 feet above sea level, guests enjoy spring like weather all year, with highs in the upper 70s and lows in upper 50s, with fresh air, pure water and the sounds of nature.

There are no luxury hotels in the area, high volume destinations or crowded roadways, yet San Isidro de El General, a bustling agricultural town with hospitals, banks, businesses and markets, is only 25 minutes away.

Designed for those who want to get away and experience something different, without sacrificing comfort and style. Monte Azul is often described as, “It’s like staying with good friends who are the perfect hosts.”

Answers to FAQ:

  • Because you have already indicated your food preferences and/or requirements, meals at Café Blue are like a little dinner party with a host who knows exactly what you’ll like. Have a seat and allow us to bring each course to you. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, as well as other diets are not an issue. We make an effort to offer a variety of dishes to each client with a commitment to never repeat a meal or a dish during your stay.
  • The dry season is December through March. Expect cool nights and sunny days reaching into the low 80s. Rain can still happen at any time, it is the rainforest, but tends to consist of very brief showers this time of year.
  • The wet season, or “Green Season” transitions in April generally and ends in December. Nine out of ten days start out with bright sunny mornings. By midday the clouds accumulate and rains come usually in the afternoon or evening. It’s one of our favorite times of the year for the intense greenery and the “full rainforest experience.”
  • WiFi is available and free at the Casitas, but the connection can be spotty due to our location
  • There are no nearby restaurants but we will be happy to make suggestions should you like to venture out
  • Local attractions are made for the local market in a predominantly rural community. Many of our clients appreciate their authentic earthiness; others are less comfortable with it and prefer to hang at Monte Azul.
  • Locals are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. It’s one of the best things about our community.
  • Bugs. The big question from visitors to the tropics usually involves bugs. In our area, mosquitos are active during the day and usually more at the beginning of the rainy season. Guests are amazed that they can dine outdoors with no screens every evening and never encounter a single mosquito. The variety of insects is astonishing, and even more astonishing is how few there actually are, as long as one stays away from still waters, particularly in the lowlands.
  • Wildlife is abundant and thriving at Monte Azul. The most visible are birds, over 240 species identified on our property. Mammals such as white faced capuchin monkeys are quite common. Frogs fill the air with their songs and butterflies shimmer in the sunlight. Peccaries, anteaters, sloths, toucans, and other rainforest creatures are not easy to spot, but with patience and luck, any of these creatures can be seen at Monte Azul.
  • Oh, and snakes. The property is a wilderness and part of the Talamanca forest, the largest forest in Central America. Encounters with snakes are rare and the vast majority of the species in our area are completely harmless. Awareness of the surroundings and a healthy respect for nature are enough to ensure a positive experience.


For assistance, please contact us via email at info@monteazulconsulting.com, or by calling +506 2742 5222 during regular business hours.

Direct emails:

Melissa Matamoros, Sales & media contact

Carlos Rojas, Partner

Randy Langendorfer, Partner

Kahlil Calavas, Technical Director

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