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"Monte Azul cheeses can compete in the big leagues and even with the best in France and many other European countries."

Miguel Angel Barboza
Journalist and gastronomy expert,
SABORES magazine


Randall V. Stone, Manager


Dixon Valverde, Assistant

R. Langendorfer, Founder


CR Jara, Founder

Our core value is Gratitude

Gratitude is integral to Monte Azul's vision of responding to what nature provides us to live. Monte Azul we work with optimism, effort, and united in our value of gratitude — the rudder that directs every aspect of our company, to offer you a product worthy of your table. You deserve it.


In the great French tradition

Good cheese is only made from good quality, raw, pure, and fresh raw material, in the great french tradition. At Monte Azul we participate in feeding and caring for the animals, milking, and milk handling throughout the entire process.

Art and passion

For many, the process of making cheese ends when the rennet is poured into its mould. In Monte Azul, it is not like that. As artisans, and artists, we are as passionate about the process as we are about the product. With mature cheeses, the maturation process requires daily attention and in France there is even a career dedicated to this process, the afinage, and this professional is known as el affineur, literally the refiner. For those of us who value quality, the result of all this work and attention to detail is worth it.


Art guides us to produce both quality and original products.


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