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Video of the year 2015



When the Hotel Monte Azul and Café Blue opened their doors in 2009, Carlos Rojas Jara brought an innovative concept for those times in the hotel and culinary industry of Costa Rica: preparing a varied menu based on the best fresh ingredients available in the area. and by season.

With a focus on traditional and healthy gastronomy, he also introduces elements of his California background, which includes Asian, Mexican and European flavors. Carlos personally trains the cooks, young people from the area, several of whom now operate their own restaurants. Randall is in charge of the breads and pastries, which change daily. The menus are different every day, with a letter that allowed a 15-day guest to never repeat the menu, unless he requested a special dish (this used to happen often) to repeat during his stay.


With just 4 Casitas Monte Azul captures international attention for its original concept that offers an experience that combines nature, art, design and gastronomy. That same year, Monte Azul was recognized by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels worldwide.


As part of the high-quality and natural offer, we developed our own products such as Greek yogurt, which, although it is hard to believe now, was not known in Costa Rica at that time. In addition, a tray of cheeses made right here is introduced, as a necessity considering that in those days it was not possible to find local suppliers. The products gain recognition and over time, the demand grows and demands the capacity of the facilities. 


In 2016, the strategic decision was made to close the doors of this magical place to dedicate ourselves to the art of producing the best artisan cheeses based on methods in the great French tradition, with Randall L Langendorfer as Master Cheesemaker. Randall develops a variety of more than 30 products, many of which are signature recipes. 

Monte Azul currently offers the public the best authentic and pure products, for a very demanding clientele that values quality. In addition, the little houses that came to delight so many visitors from all over the world now operate asChirripó Casitas, a concept that combines nature and art, taking advantage of the beauty of this environment on the slopes of Cerro Chirripó.

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