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Activities On Site

..from world class bird watching to fun workshops, are designed for fun and for all levels

cheese making workshop & visit to dairy farm a guest favorite!

Visit a local, family-run sustainable dairy farm. Experience the entire process hands-on: milk the cows, stir the curds, separate the whey and mold the cheese. Then, sample the finished product. Additionally, learn about the sustainable methods used such as the biodigestor to produce cooking gas and turning cow manure into fertile soil. Local, sustainable farming at its best.

cooking workshop
it’s like a party

The class is taught by one of Cafe Blue’s cooks. Learn about the wide array of local produce and enjoy recipes featuring local specialties as well as innovative contemporary Costa Rican and international recipes. Make a complete traditional Costa Rican meal. Recipes could include arroz con pollo, ceviche, plantains, yucca chips and fresh fruit sorbet. Also select from any of your favorite meals served at Cafe Blue.

soap making

Make organic soaps with all natural ingredients using our own recipes for the wonderful soaps found in your room: therapeutic goats’ milk, goat’s milk with honey and oatmeal or rosemary lime, among many others. At the end of the lesson, take home the soap for you and your family to enjoy.


guided walk through Monte Azul nature preserve

Select from over four kilometers of trails. Visit the waterfall, various habitats: riparian, primary forest, recovering pasture, secondary forest, organic coffee farm, all in private and without leaving our property.

guided bird watching

A local guide will take you on an expedition to sight and identify the rich bird life found at Monte Azul Nature Preserve. Learn about habitats, feeding and other behaviors. See how many of the over 230 bird species identified here you can spo


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